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thanks for watching on a snowy day. "studio b" with shepard smith gets started right now. >> shepard: begin with breaking news. it's high noon on the west coast and we're awaiting a noon news conference from law enforcement on the intense manhunt for the suspected killer who has apparently stayed one step ahead of police officer. he is a former officer rinked to a rambling manifesto that suggests he harbor a serious
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grudge. his name, chris dorner, the search is in california, nevada, arizona, and the border with mexico. thousands of investigator ares are on the case and they're scouring the area around big bear lake, a popular ski get away place. that where they spotted his pickup truck. they found it in flames. the former officer nowhere to be found and today investigators have to deal with a steady snowfall and below freezing temperatures. the sheriff says the rough weather has halted the search by our. >> our commitment is to make sure our deputies are safe and the community is safe. we're going to continue searching until we discover he left the mountain or we fine him. >> shepard: they have linked the suspect so toe shootness riverside, irvine, and core
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corona, california. one officer killed and this assistant basketball coach. her father reportedly represented the suspect during a police rrocess that got him terminated. so his firing appears to have set off a bizarre online manifesto. this is her boyfriend -- this is the suspect here. it slams his former bosses, threatens revenge and calls out several cable news anchors and reporters. one line reads, i have exhausted all available means at obtaining my name back. this is my last resort. now we safety of police and families and citizens on the line, search continues around big bear lake. the sheriff's says he could be anywhere at this point. we'll go live to big bear in a few minutes. first, we're leave the lapd headquarters. police on high alert across the southland. >> that's right, shepard. the police here say it's out of an abundance of caution, and
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this morning the lapd went back to full city-wide tactical alert, which means all hands on the deck. and here the downtown headquarters for the los angeles police department hey have had officers in full s.w.a.t. gear, protecting the area, in case the suspect comes here. there is also a police unit parked outside christopher dorner's mother's home in a suburb of los angeles. a subpoena is being sought to enter the house in case he goes. the the blue truck he was last seen is still being processed right now by authorities, and actually just before the newscast ban -- began, we were told a lockdown was lifted at the lack lack -- los angeles
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county jail. someone thought they saw the suspect enter the jail so no one was let in or out. >> there's new information on the suspect today. right? >> there is. and there's varying information, depending on who you talk to. some people say they never would have suspected christopher dorner would be suspected of something like this. someone who is a neighbor of his near the home he owns in las vegas, told our producer he was a great neighbor, a nice guy. something that does not match up with court documents that show a girlfriend had a restraining order against him in 2006. someone who two days after being honorably discharged from the navy is going on a shooting rampage, he wrote a sleeping giant had been awakened. >> shepard: we're wading for the news conference -- waiting for in the news conference to start. this this scene of the news
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conference. nothing yet prom police. on a very snowy noon hour. we'll be back there the moment it begins. >> the former assistant of the fbi is with us. danny created and commanded the fbi's hostage rescue team and is now a security consultant. danny, thank you. >> good afternoon. >> a lot of challenges inherent with a guy who has so much training and so much will to kill, it appears. >> well, it's very dangerous situation. he not only has police training, he has military training, and now he is in a rural environment and he knows the concept of ambush, knows how to conceal himself. it's going to be very difficult, and the one thing working for the police is the bad weather. you conclude a survivist or whatever but when snow starts fall, it's a dramatic impact on your able to function. so the snow is a good thing. would be nice have overhead vision but this is a good thing. >> danny, the police are walking
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up in big bear for the news conference. one of the problems they're going to possibly have, this is a weekend getaway kind of place, and all over bear mountain there are weekend homes where people keep cars. so if he has a plan, he could have, for instance, torched his truck, gone to a house with a carne garage, taken the car, and then the owners, who don't live there all the time, live in los angeles, wouldn't know the car was missing, and that could be a severe challenge and an easy way for him to get away. we have no idea where he is. let's listen to the police. >> up in the mountains, about eight square miles is what we're searching. there's 200 empty cabins we're going to check one-by-one. using our s.w.a.t. guys, as i explained earlier. we're using snow cats and atvs with chains on to get to those areas. we're methodically searching each building.
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our guys are making great progress. i have no new information in regard to the suspect or his location. i do have the mayor of big bear lake here today. i had a meeting with him and jeff, the city macer, earlier. city of big bear lake is solidly behind our efforts and we're continue to go to reassure the citizens, via you folkses and through the city to make sure they know we have as many resources here as possible. congressman paul cook is behind us 100%, as are the board of supervisors in our county, james ramos, the supervisor. so let me get the mayor up here to say a couple words. >> i'm jay, mayor of the city of big bear lake, and i'd like to welcome you to our mountain community. i'd apologyis for the weather but in big bear we call this a beautiful winter morning. i want to thank the members of the law enforcement community.
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i want everyone to know you're making a big difference. the residents of our community feel very safe knowing that you're hear. we obviously have a very substantial law enforcement presence and i want to thank you for being here. the question i have been asked most o., there is panic in our community in big bear because of the situation? no, there's no panic. we're very hearties residents. many people are armed. i was concerned that someone up here would see something and take the law into their own hands. i want to urge anyone, if you see something, call 9-1-1, report the law enforcement community and let them deal with it. i've also been asked a lot about the decision to open the ski resorts today. that decision was made in close conjunction with the law enforcement community up here. we've been assured that the suspect does not pose substantial threat the ski
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resorts or community, if the situation changes we'll reassess the decision. so thank you very much. enjoy your time at big bear. >> in addition to the mayor, we have council member bill yon here with us as well. we're continuing the search and our plan is to continue to do that throughout the day and throughout the weekend should we need to. we discover any information that gives us any idea that he is either no longer here or we're able to capture him, then things will change and we'll get back to you and let you know. the vehicle i talk about earlier is in our possession in san bernardino. we're turning over all thed and the vehicle to the irvine police department. >> do you know how he fire started in the truck? >> i do not. >> do you have a sense whether this weather is hampering your efforts it's been snowing for five and a half hours. >> it's still snowing, but our folks are dressed correctly, and we have the right equipment to
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get to the search areas we need. certainly it would be slower to get to each individual area on foot because of the weather, but we're pushing forward. >> what are you looking for? what kind of signs could you see no these conditions if you can't see tracks. >> we can see trackness this condition. the snow is great for tracking folks as well as looking at each individual cabin to see if there's any signs of forced entry. >> the footprints you found near the truck yesterday, were you able to trace them anywhere? what happened with that? >> we continue to follow the footprints, as i said earlier. yesterday when we found them leading away the vehicle. we followed them on two different forestry roads until we lost sight of them. >> you basically need him to show up somewhere else before you would call off the search? what would it take to end the search? >> rome information that would suggest he is no longer in the area. >> sheriff, what did you find in the truck? >> i cannot tell you what we
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found in the truck. we're going release everything, the truck and any evidence to the irvine police department and they will release any information in regards regards t that. [inaudible] >> there's over 200 cabins up in those mountains that are abandoned or vacant, and we're checking those one by one. >> are the vacation homes. >> some are. >> talk to us about resource and person enemy. how many people on the mountain, the snow cats, et cetera. >> we have over 100 people here again today. we're in 12-hour operational period. we'll continue that staffing level throughout the weekend. we'll reassess as we get closer to the first of next week. we talked about the snow cats and the vehicles we are using to get around. we're not having any trouble getting to the places we need to search. >> how can you be sure he doesn't pose a substantial threat to the ski resort? >> we've searched the entire area around the ski resort. our s.w.a.t. officers are up on
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the mountain looking for him. there's no information suggest he is anywhere near the ski resort itself, and we've also searched all the houses door-to-door in thisways. >> are you using dog? i saw a k-9 unit. >> there are dogs here as well. >> how many. >> i have no idea. >> so that helps when you have the snow. the sniffing still works pretty well. >> can't tell you that. thanks. >> thank you. >> we'll have a final briefing, press briefing, at 4:00 today unless something new comes up and we call one before then. >> shepard: that's right 4:00 pacific time, so 7:00 here on the east coast. the news from big bear this is no news. it's a beautiful snowy morning according to the mayor. fascinating. but no signs of this guy yet. danny is still with us. danny, time -- if you don't find
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somebody quickly, often you get a slip or that's what law enforcement tells me. >> well, that's true. also, we don't know if he is still on the mountain. there are a lot of opportunities to steal cars, take a hostage, leave, but they have to keep the pressure on. what they're doing around the resort is exactly the right thing to development this man is going to be up and down. he's going to be excited and depressed, and hopefully make a mistake. eric rudolph was captured by a lone very young deputy sheriff all by himself. so these things have an interesting way of resolving themselves. >> when you're dealing with man like this who has so much training and knows your tactics, as he was careful to point out, do you change game plans or what do you do? >> you don't really change. he does have knowledge, but the people that are looking for him know that territory better than he does. very very, very well trained and he is under a great deal of stress. he is not always thinking logically. and he will make a mistake, and
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they will ultimately find him or he may even decide that it's not worth it anymore and he could even commit suicide as happens often. they have to do what they do best, use technology and get the planes back up. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> shepard: we'll continued to follow this can, our correspondents are spread across southern california, from big bear to los angeles and beyond. we're also covering the with storm, starting to ramp up near new york system it was snow, then hail, then snow showers then wintry mix, but new york has nothing on boston today. stand by for breaking weather.
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>> shepard: a fox weather alert. this could be the worst storm in new england on record. could paralyze parts of the northeast. some are predicting up to three feet of snow? boston, and if that happens it will crush all-time records. now closing in on new york city and boston, and they're warning
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everyone, but essential public workers to stay at home. in new york city they're saying by this hour. airlines have already cancelled some 4,000 flights through tomorrow afternoon. scores of cities have cancelled classes. the governors of massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island, have declared states of emergency in the weak of the snow, which basically bans all travel, so no traffic in all of massachusetts, 100 days ago superstorm sandy devastated stretches of the northeast. many are stocking up on food, water, gas in case there are shortages, and there are possibilities of that. they're already warning of possible widespread powerout acknowledges, in new york city it might be ice first. we're in lower manhattan. battery park city. this is misery upon misery for superstorm sandy victims.
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>> certainly is. this huge snowstorm is going to hit many of the exact same areas that sandy hit so hard just about, as you said, 100 days ago. there are many people, victims of sandy, who still are not back in their homes, living in shelters, many of them. there are many who have not back into their homes but have not yet got full power. cannot run full heating. so they're going to suffer a great deal tonight with these diving temperatures. the snow and the winds that are also coming with this. and if those factors don't do enough damage, there's also great concern about the storm surge. take a look at these figures. new jersey, new york, east of new york city, on long island where the storm surge is likely to be the highest. you can see the rivers here, where hudson river meets new york harbor.
12:21 pm
kind of choppy. long island is going to be borst storm surge is supposed to hit around p.m. eastern time tonight. >> we had a big snow at christmas a couple years ago and mayor bloomberg got ripped to shreds over the city's response. i was walking the local c chann. he comes into work at 3:45 in the morning. said there were already snow plows prepositioned that long ago. >> yes. mayor bloomberg is not taking any chances. two years ago, 2010, we got a big snowstorm here, and michael bloomberg got an absolute snowstorm of criticism for the city's reaction to that. right now we understand that there are thousands of plow trucks and salt trucks all ready to go. in fact some of them out on the streets already. something like a quarter million tons of salt has been put on standby, to be put on the
12:22 pm
streets of new york. mayor bloomberg says they're going to do everything they can. they learn lessons from 2010, and also learned lessons more recently from the superstorm sandy. listen. >> we certainly found out with sandy that fire, police, sanitation, parks, transportation, buildings, the mayor's office, people with disabilities, all know how to work together. they got a great experience in doing that. i think since it's fresh in their mines there's certainly some benefit in that. >> now, mayor bloomberg says this storm is no sandy but that does not mean it cannot hurt and cannot kill. everybody has to be as safe as they can tonight. >> shepard: jonathan, thank you. the forecast for specific areas is changing and we want to good to the weather center and rick right after this. my bad.
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>> shepard: breaking news from california. a new development now in the case of the ex-cop already accused of murdering three people and wounding two others. police right now are executing a search warrants at the suspect's mother's home. brand new video just into us. the police at her house. the latest on the search live from big bear and a live report coming up moments from now. first back to the weather that is crushing the northeast, or about to. our chief meteorologist has the forecast live in the extreme weather center. i know there have been some variations in predictions. >> a little bit. it's going to be a little more than nor'easter storm. places like buffalo and syracuse, a slightly less snowfall total. we have been showing the two
12:27 pm
storms that have been merging. it's getting very close. it's the coastal storm that is strengthening and is going to draw the other storm into it, and it's going to happen in the next three or four hours. those storms will combine and explode and we'll have a rapid intense fix -- change. on the snowfall forecast. i tweaked this down a little bit across the western part of upstate new york, and all the mountain areas, still looking potentially at 12 to 18. the bull's eye of heaviest snow is back towards the boston area and new york city right on the line. >> shepard: how are things looking for new york city? >> we talked about this yesterday, a tough forecast because we're right on the rain/snow line. look at this right here. the models are showing it. what's made so it hard to show this. but new york right there, the southern tip of manhattan, rain, rain, mix, and now snow.
12:28 pm
so i think we'll stay at all snow for the remainder of the inning and tonight, and when those two storms collide, which is going to happen, this piece of energy there and this coastal storm -- going to happen around 7:00, 8:00 tonight. it will be completely absorbed. and then we're going to see an explosive strengthening of the storm. temperatures we plummet and it's snow for everybody. nobody on the rain. one thing that may be different at this point. it's moving a little farther towards the east a little quicker. i think we look at maybe the snow tapering off at bit earlier tomorrow than we thought it would be. >> shepard: but not in boston. boston is in for just a whopper, isn't it? >> right around two feet of snow, i think all indications. you look at their of fine snowfalless storms ever, people think the northeast gets the big storms but the highest they ever had was 27-1/2 inch inches in team. we're going to be around that
12:29 pm
range. certainly in that 20 to maybe 28 inches. so we're going to be very, very close. the one thing we're going to have is major coastal flooding. the sandy impacted areas here, but up towards areas of the northeast, this where is it's worst in new england. the coastal areas of maine and massachusetts and cape cod and the islands. winds up to around 75-80-miles-an-hour around midnight and that's going to push waves 25 feet high, along with an extended and expanded storm surge with this, and it's also a new moon so their high tide tomorrow morning is extra high when all of this is coming together. so major probably record-breaking coastal erosion and such up there across these coastal areas of massachusetts. >> new englanders can handle it. >> they can. they're tough people. >> shepard: on the west coast there are develops right this minute in the search for the accused ex-cop who is a cop killer now, according to authorities. they're searching his mom's
12:30 pm
home. we'll have a live update and hear more about the search. the bottom of the hour means top of the news and a manhunt on the west coast. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> shepard: news video and back to fox's top story in what could be the largest man nun the state of california's history. the ex-cop already accused of killing throw people and wounding two more. these pictures show us police at the suspect0s house -- actually
12:34 pm
his mother's house where they're executing a search warrant. they're taking every precaution possible. gunsdrop and ready to go. this video has just come intos us and it's my understanding this is la palma, california, where the mom lives. thousands of officers, literally thousands, up and down california, trying to track down the killer who used to be one of their own. he is accused of gunning down three people in an online manifesto. chris dorner declared war on the lapd. the hunt zeroed in on big bear, ski resort area where the suspect's truck turned up in flames yesterday and what appear to be dorner's last known location. dominic is live with the latest from big bear. whether is -- weather is a problem? reporter: major problem. eight inches today. it was at least have that, probably about ten, and it's coming down at such a rate there's going to be no letup
12:35 pm
throughout the rest of the day. it's making conditions extremely awkward here. you have snow cats being used to get the tactical teams around, s.w.a.t. team going around in a armored personnel carrier, up on the mountains, going from house to house, cabin to cabin, 200 cabins, searching them meticulously, how the sheriff described. i. it's difficult going because there's so much snow, they want work out the path to the houses and it's very treacherous up there. so compounding that to the snow and cold air, and the temperaturing, not above 23, the aerial searches had to be called off, helping to support. altitude like this it's going to get more and more difficult. at 9,000 feet and the snow is going to continue pelting down. >> shepard: here at the news conference a short time ago, led to us believe there's no panic
12:36 pm
at all up there. reporter: yes. things are actually pretty calm, shep. the road behind us is actually log-jammed with traffic. trucks and jeeps are still skidding around. but parts of -- the local people are pretty calm to be quiet honest. local businesses are griping somewhat that with manhunt on the way and a killer loose, they're losing business. our hotel had would big groups cancel out. people concern. the schools remain closed on safety grounds and because of the snow. apart from that the people are described as being hearty and armed. he is only condition that someone with a gun at home may see the suspect and ultimately do something they wish law enforcement would breen with, and they're saying, just call 9-1-1. >> shepard: thanks. for more on this guy, if he is
12:37 pm
hide neglect mountains. let's bring in a survivalas, a former lapd officer. good to see you, sir. thank you, brian. >> shep, how are you, sir? >> shepard: i'm good. this kind of a search, know they trained for it but when they do it you have aty that wants to murder you, can't be easy,. >> it's the cold temperatures and if you're the suspect and you're hunkered down on the mountain you don't care if it snows 12 inches or 36 inches. what that snowfall does is for the people trying to track him, makes it harder for them to move around. they have to worry about hypothermia, their gear getting wet and heavier, and if they're not trained to hike around in those mountains, it's a bigger threat to the searchers than to the suspect if he is still on the mountain. >> shepard: getting in and out of these cabins, a lot of weekend homes. there's inherent risk there as well. reporter: there is. i have family with homes, and
12:38 pm
with the new snowfall hearst to get the helicopters in the air with the heat sensors. what scares me more, when you read his manifesto and he writes about securing his name, he does it in capital letters, m.-a.-n-e. he wants it to do gown in front of the media. his level of narcissism is such that he is going to do it. he wants to go out on top of the world, not on top of a mountain. >> shepard: talked to some mental health professionals who read the manifesto, trying to get a sense what they think is going on in his health one after another says he is not psychotic at all. every one of them mentioned that word, mars cyst, and they have the same fear you do, he wants those play out in the media. >> when you look at him saying, all they have done is awakened a giant, and he sending aages to
12:39 pm
different news outlets, talking about different celebrities and different people. he wants this to go down in a populated area where he can get the most amount of media coverage, and that fuels his sense of, i'm larger than life. this this sloping giant -- sleeping giant. wants it to go down with as many cameras as possible. that's my fire. >> shepard: updates the moment they come in ton the story we're tracking, along with the winter weather on the east coast, the opinion being the biggest the northeast as seep. could rival the 1978 blizzard which brought up to three feet of snow in who days. that storm killed 100 people, sparked nearly 2 billion in damage, that's in 1,978-dollars. our senior meteorologist is with us from accuweather. bernie, so many new new englands
12:40 pm
are like, look, you good crazy for this stuff. not going to be that bad. >> i say that is a pretty dangerous statement. shepard, we're going to be looking at 18 plus inches in a large area of southern new england. boston, hartford, providence worcester, and we're going to have whiteout conditions, blowing and drifting snow and travel is shut down. so it's a huge storm. the question we have to try to answer, and the jury is still out, is how big is it going to be? is it going to rival the 27.6 inches that fell in february 17th and 18th of 2003 in boston? that is a possibility. hartford's all-time snow, january 12, 2011, 24 inches. >> shepard: a winter mix all day, since 8:00 this morning. but you guys have said all along, and so has hour team, that when these two systems
12:41 pm
merge, that's when the worst of it begins. what time does it look like to you guys? >> i think it's already started now. we're starting to change over to snow in new york city. that's an indication that the cold air is being drawn in. and it's not just the combination of the northern storm and this gulf moisture. it's the arctic air that came in across new england a couple of days ago, and if you look at a satellite and you look at a radar, take a look at what you see. all the twisting and turning. the yellows and orange. that storm is now intensifying, and i would say after 7:00, 8:00 tonight, and then tomorrow morning, it's going to be very extreme across southern new england. whiteouts. thunder snow, that's the least of their problems. and ex-again, this is going to get very bad, very quick, as we go through tonight. >> shepard: you're thinking two or three inches an hour in the worst hours. and how long does that go on? when does this get out of oway?
12:42 pm
>> in southern new england, tomorrow morningment once you head up into maine it won't be until tomorrow afternoon. but the worst of the conditions -- i think the worst is somewhere around 8:00 to 2:00 a.m., from providence, boston, hartford, indians will come in from the -- band that will could in from the east, produce one or two or three inches an hour. wind gusts 40-60 miles-per-hour. maybe some thunder and lightning, and it will be impossible to travel because you won't be able to see. i think there's whiteouts in there. >> shepard: in new england states, the governors have three states have shut down driving. not legal, incredible. >> it is incredible, and we could be looking at the benchmark storm now in hartford, 24 inches. that could fall. we could get very chose the blonde, providence. we could get very close to all of those numbers by the time we
12:43 pm
get up tomorrow morning. >> shepard: bernie, thank you. meantime we have a new picture that shows the size of the storm. this is an image from space. wow. you see the southern storm that's working up. that looks like a river on the right. and then the one on the left is the one that is coming with the arctic air, and they're all supposed to crash into each other and that's begin about now. when the winds will kick up. anything along the gulf coast or atlantic sea board, you know what 70-miles-an-hour winds feel like it's hurricane wind. imagine you have that wind at 15 degrees, with three inches of snow per hour. think how disorienting that can be. standing out in -- outdoors in the dark, not able to see anything. it's not a night to be out. this from a guy whose planning to drive up highway 87 tonight. if i'm not here on monday,
12:44 pm
you'll understand. no flowers, just give the charity of your choice. we'll good live to boston, could which be the worst of it -- they're always the worst of it dirks and getting ways in the efforts to find the ex-cop in the shooting suspect from california's big bear. this is new video of the search teams in action. we'll take a look at the timeline on this week's shooting. that's coming up as "studio b" continues on this "snowpocalypse" friday.
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12:47 pm
>> shepard: the manhunt intensifying on the west coast. we have new video just in. wow. s.w.a.t. teams combing through the forest of the big bear region, looking for any signs of that guy. chris dorner, the former lapd cop accused of killing people, part of a vendetta against those he blames for getting fired and really ruining his name as he puts it in all caps. now we're learning more about the deadly chain of events that led up to this all-out manhunt,
12:48 pm
and trace has this. this started a week ago. reporter: it did. last friday. that's when he was discharged from the navy because he was passed over for promotion, and then it was on sunday they found the body of monica and her fiancee in the parking garage of their condominium. quan is the daughter of the lawyer who represented christopher dorner in the hearing that eventually got him fired. but dorner was not a suspect in that crime until he posted his manifesto and named quan's father in this quote, quoting here, never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. look your wives, husbands, and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth, as to why your children are dead. that is when they put an apb out on christopher dohrner and have been hunting him ever since. but at the same time, shep, as we know, he has also been hunting them. >> shepard: from everything we
12:49 pm
hear, he has the skills to stay on the run for who knows how long. reporter: yeah. this is a guy who literally his whole life wanted to be a cop and be a warrior. he became an athlete, very good one. played college football as a running back. he was also trained in military, an expert using a pistol, marksman with a rifle. a guy trained in river warfare in undersea warfare, and intelligence, aviation, survival skills. he knows police tactics and has vowed to use them against police. we were going to show you the new video -- this is a live shot of the house. they don't want to show the video because they want the faces of the officers concealed because they would be targeted. he was not inside the house. they're in there looking for information that might lead to finding christopher dorner. en. >> shepard: thanks, trace. hoping he is on bear mountain.
12:50 pm
and boston, continuing coverage of "snowpocalypse," the winter storm of 2013 is on the way. this is a live shot of a road that is about empty, and is exactly how the mayor and governor and everybody else wants it to be. no drivingful the for of massachusetts ordering all cars off the road. 12 minutes from now. 4:00 p.m. eastern standard time. all road traffic is to stop except for emergency vehicles. it's a son the scale of 10 in the way of snowstorms and could, according to the meteorologistist teams across the land, by the biggest one-day snowfall in new england's recorded history and we're live in boston next. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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12:53 pm
>> shepard: eight minutes from now folk in massachusetts must get off the roads.
12:54 pm
massachusetts will be shut down according to the for. he declared a state of emergency for massachusetts and is set to deploy thousands of national guard troops. mctransportation systems are shutting down. this powerful winter storm has the potential to hit new england especially hard. we're talking for a chance of two to the feet of snow and hurricane force winds. mollie is in new england. 4:00 in the afternoon. it's coming. reporter: yep. just a few minutes from now, and this is one of the highways heading out of the city of boston. these are folks trying to get home. unless they live within ten minute of here that are not going to make the 4:00 deadline. the -- asking all nonessential employees, anybody not involved, state responder, somebody who works at a hospital or has to be somewhere today dawes other people depend on them for public safety, they're asking all massachusetts residents to stay inside and stay home and not
12:55 pm
create the dangers that fir responders would have to go and help people. there's still quite a few cars left othe road. we're seeing the numbers drop dramatically. the for calling on the national guard to be read where, and the number of people in the national guard that expected to be ready to respond are growing, listen to the governor. >> there are thousand national guard members on duty now. we suspect to build that up to nearly 5,000 over the course of the weekend. reporter: the transit system was shut down at 3:30. if you weren't an your train out of the city you missed it. the key today saying that tomorrow -- it's kind of up in the air when things will get back to normal. so they're slowly working in that direction. shep? >> shepard: beyond the t and other transportation, what are the plans for tomorrow in that area? reporter: this is expected to be a big snowy mess tomorrow. they know that people here in
12:56 pm
the state, the authorities say we understand you want to go out and take a look, see your neighborhood, but they want people to be careful because there's expected to be high honeys and that can knock down powerlines, cause a lot of outages, and you might be in unfamiliar areas where you don't know what is under the snow. so they want people to be careful. just as after any other big storm, there could be debris or things you can't see, so they're asking people to be very careful when the get out here. the suns expected to come out. the kids are going to want to play. so take extra precautions. >> shepard: down to 9 tomorrow night, and then 14 sunday night, and then monday? thaw day. 44 and sunny. hmm. enjoy. officials say they know finally what caused that power outage at the super bowl. and we can confirm that beyoncé's performance did not overwhelm the power grid. though it did all of us. she just set up a big tour, too.
12:57 pm
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